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Traffic Restrictions in Katterbach

Due to a six-week resurfacing project on B14 in Katterbach starting mid-July, B14 through-traffic will be rerouted during construction. Traffic coming from Ansbach going to Nürnberg will be required to exit B14, drive toward Bruckberg and turn right toward Wicklesgreuth to get back onto B14-Nürnberg. Traffic coming from Nürnberg going to Ansbach will be required to exit B14 after Wicklesgreuth toward Bruckberg and drive to Obereichenbach to come back to B14-Ansbach (marked in green).

[UPDATE 1: The construction is expected to start Monday, July 20, with the closure of one lane and the set-up of a temporary traffic light. The closure of one lane may continuously relocate and move in sections for approximately two weeks. Then, scheduled to begin Saturday, Aug. 1, the road will be completely closed.]

[UPDATE 2: To support the community, the Directorate of Emergency Services will keep the access control point by the Ansbach Middle High School operational 24/7 starting July 20 until the project is complete. All other ACPs will function normally, including the crossover ACP between Katterbach and Bismarck kasernes.]

Residents of the town of Katterbach will still be able to access their homes, stores and shops; however, no through-traffic is allowed. The access control point at Neukirchen (Katterbach’s main gate) will still serve as the main access point for all traffic, especially heavy trucks and buses. It will also still be possible to cross over to Bismarck and back to Katterbach. Privately owned vehicles (only) will be allowed to take the back road from B14-West to Untereichenbach and to the Katterbach gate nearest the high school. This is to give residents and other on-post personnel an easier connection between Katterbach and Shipton/Urlas.






Author: Stephen Baack